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Księstwo CaraBella, Berneńskie Psy Pasterskie, hodowla Berneńskich Psów Pasterskich  Ever since I remember, I always have dreamt about a dog. From the early childhood I remember walks in the park during which I bound a stick on a string and I pretended that it was a dog. At primary school I managed to convince my dad to take a dog and one day I brought home Kora - a lovely mongrel puppy  (taken for a moment by a lady who saw the puppy was being thrown out from a car in the street). Korunia - black puppy, bay and shaggy was with us for a few months, beloved and coddled, but unfortunately, to my despair, Kora was given away to other people. Although she was with me so short, she will stay for ever in my heart and memory.
Afterwards, I had a contact only with "somebody else's" dogs that belonged to people  from the neighbourhood, but I did not lose the hope that my dream about own dog would be fulfilled one day.Księstwo CaraBella, Berneńskie Psy Pasterskie, hodowla Berneńskich Psów Pasterskich


  For the fulfillment of the dream, however, I had to wait long - I knew that having a dog was not only the pleasure, but also a duty - so it was necessary to wait for the better "times". The moment came, when together with my husband we built a house. We knew from the beginning that the joy of the house outside the city would not be full without the four-footed friend. The house building, though absorbing, had a great advantage: that was the time, when we comfortably could wonder over the choice of the race. The choice was not easy: although it was known from the beginning we prefered only large dogs, on our list there were several our favorite races for a long time. Dog shows and conversations with the breeders who shared with us their own experiences helped us a lot.


Księstwo CaraBella, Berneńskie Psy Pasterskie, hodowla Berneńskich Psów Pasterskich  We wanted our dog not only to be beautiful, but also fitted with the character to our expectations. But how to join the perfect beauty and the impressing posture of newfoundland with the joy and the temperament of labrador? And what shaggy and great dog will be able to stay outside? We sought, we watched and... we found: Bernese Mountain Dog fitted to our "pattern"! Afterwards, we only had to decide: a dog or a bitch and to choose a puppy. Only a few days after our move to the new house, we brought Bella from a kennel in Kashubians and each day we became  more and more tied to her.


  In 2008 our beloved (Cara) Bella fulfilled all breeding requirements and became registered in The Kennel Club in Poland as a breeding bitch. We registered the breeding of pedigree dogs in the name Księstwo CaraBella, to commemorate "mother-foundress". We hope that soon we will live to see puppies, and... later on maybe one of them will stay with us?